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He also spoke about the rewarding experience of giving the first glimpse of "Avatar: The Way of Water" lớn fans at D23.

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Image via 20th Century Studios
At the D23 presentation for 20th Century Studios, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Stephen Lang và producer Jon Landau were joined virtually by Academy Award-winning filmmaker James Cameron khổng lồ chat about the long-awaited, highly-anticipated sequel Avatar: The Way of Water, for which they gave fans a 3d glimpse into what to expect from the December 16th release in theaters. Mix more than a decade after the events of the first film, audiences will finally get lớn learn more about the story of the Sully family & the lengths Jake and Neytiri will go to, in order lớn protect their planet & the Na’vi race.

After the presentation, Landau briefly spoke to Collider on the press line for this 1-on-1 interview about the rewarding experience of giving the first glimpse of the film khổng lồ fans at D23, the pressure they put on themselves to expand this world, how this story ultimately evolved into four sequels, preparing the actors for what will be required of them, the promise they made khổng lồ the cast about their performances, and how exciting it is lớn be so far ahead of the technology that they’ve had to lớn stop & name some of the things that they’re doing.

Collider: Audiences have been waiting for more Avatar films for a long time, và you’ve been living in and talking about this world for a long time, & now The Way of Water is finally coming out soon. How does that feel?

JON LANDAU: We make movies to be shared & to be seen by people. Here at D23, it was our first opportunity to nói qua material, and it was an amazing và rewarding experience. While everybody else was watching the screen, I found myself watching the audience, & the rewarding part was lớn see them react when they dive underwater. We make movies for people to see, and in today’s day & age, why vì people go lớn the movies? It’s to escape, và there’s no better place lớn escape to than Pandora.

From the first movie to lớn these sequels, was it an even bigger challenge than before?

LANDAU: This has been a bigger challenge. We put a challenge on ourselves, on the scope và the scale of the character stories that we wanna tell. That’s pressure on us, khổng lồ keep expanding it. Our movies are about the themes that we tell và the stories, and to find a journey that people would want khổng lồ go on across four movies. We think we’ve done that, & we look forward to sharing that.

Image via 20th Century Studios
Did you know, early on, that you would need that many movies? Did you ever think it was just going to lớn be the one movie, or did you always know that you’d need more movies lớn tell this story?

LANDAU: If I’m gonna be honest with you, our plan was to bởi vì three sequels, & we hired three teams of writers lớn work with Jim Cameron on them. Ultimately, there was more story lớn tell, and we decided lớn break it out into four movies. Our cast embraced that because we wouldn’t vày it without our cast. They now know where their characters go, across those four films.

What vày you vì chưng to even just prepare the cast for what they’re in for, with something lượt thích this? The actors returning from the first film have a better sense of it all, but how vì chưng you get the new cast ready?

LANDAU: The actors coming back know a little bit, but we’re going to new places, so we had to lớn train them in different skills, this time around. What we try to bởi is mô tả with them some of the concept art, so they can understand the world and the creatures. We have them work with a linguist, Paul Frommer, who wrote the Na’vi language. We want to make it authentic. People might look at the world of Avatar và think of it as science fiction, but khổng lồ us, it’s science fact. We want the cast lớn embrace that và be comfortable in the world, to lớn create the most honest & true performances.

Image via 20th Century Studios
What are you most proud of, when it comes to lớn what you’ve been able to do with all this & what you’re going khổng lồ be doing?

LANDAU: This is second to lớn my two children. In relationship lớn the movies, the thing that I am most proud of is that we made a commitment lớn our cast, that when they saw their Na’vi and Avatar characters up on the screen, that they would see their performances in those characters. That was a promise we made before the first movie, và we made it again, going into the second movie. Every time they see the footage, the reaction is like, “That’s me up there on the screen.” That’s the promise we made lớn them.

What’s it like, as the filmmakers, to lớn be in a position where you want to bởi vì something before it’s even really possible to do it, and you have khổng lồ essentially invent và pave the way?

LANDAU: For me, that idea of trying to do something before it’s been done is what gets me out of bed, every day. It’s terrifying, and it’s exciting. I tell people, you wanna be ahead of the wave. You wanna be the impetus that pushes technology to allow you to lớn tell stories in a way that you couldn’t tell them before. That’s what we’re trying to do with Avatar, and I’m so thankful that we have found a group of people lớn surround ourselves with. I stand on the shoulders of hundreds of others who embrace that same challenge, but can vị their jobs much better than I could ever vày them.

Image via 20th Century Studios
Every time it feels like everything has been done by now, there are still new ways to push things even further, which is pretty amazing.

LANDAU: There’s still further khổng lồ go. There are days, truly, where we’ve had khổng lồ stop và name something that we did because we’ve never been done before, và if we didn’t name it, we couldn’t go back lớn it. It’s like, “Okay, we lượt thích that. Let’s name it and let’s move on.” & then, a month later, when we need to bởi it again, we have a name for it, so we can go back khổng lồ it.

That’s so cool. It’s lượt thích filmmaking gymnastics. When a gymnast does a new move, they name that move after the gymnast.

Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya and dipole-dipole interactions affect coupling-based Landau-Majorana-Stückelberg-Zener transitions

R. Grimaudo, H. Nakazato, A. Messina, & N. V. Vitanov
Phys. Rev. Research 2, 033092 – Published 17 July 2020


It has been theoretically demonstrated that two spins (qubits or qutrits), coupled by exchange interaction only, undergo a coupling-based joint Landau-Majorana-Stückelberg-Zener (LMSZ) transition when a linear ramp acts on one of the two spins. Such a transition, under appropriate conditions on the parameters, drives the two-spin system toward a maximally entangled state. In this paper, effects on the quantum dynamics of the two qudits, stemming from the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya (DM) và dipole-dipole (d-d) interactions, are investigated qualitatively and quantitatively. The enriched Hamiltonian model of the two spins shares with the previous microscopic one the same C2 symmetry which once more brings about an exact treatment of the new quantum dynamical problem. This paper transparently reveals that the DM and d-d interactions generate independent, enhancing or hindering, modifications in the dynamical behavior predicted for the two spins coupled exclusively by the exchange interaction. It is worthwhile to lớn notice that, on the basis of the theory here developed, the measurement of the time evolution of the magnetization in a controlled LMSZ scenario can furnish information on the relative weights of the three kinds of couplings describing the spin system. This possibility is very important since it allows us in principle khổng lồ legitimate the choice of the microscopic mã sản phẩm to be adopted in a given physical scenario.

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Received 30 May 2020Accepted 24 June 2020



Published by the American Physical Society under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Further distribution of this work must maintain attribution lớn the author(s) và the published article"s title, journal citation, and DOI.

Published by the American Physical Society

Dipolar interaction
Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
Entanglement production
Landau-Zener effect
Quantum entanglement
Spin dynamics