Introducing your new favorite daytime moisturizer: the
Son và Park Beauty Filter Cream Glow!*Please chú ý that we added a reflector to the after photos to accurately capture the glow visible in person yet not visible on camera. To lớn watch a video clip of swatches, please click here.

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One of my biggest skin care learnings from last year has been that my habits have a direct impact on my skin. Even if I stick to my multi-step routine religiously, if I get little sleep or forget to properly hydrate, I’ll wake up with dull, irritated skin that flakes with the slightest cảm biến of concealer. On days my skin isn’t cooperating, I’m all for something that helps me kém chất lượng that subtle, healthy glow Korean celebrities have. So when I found out that Son và Park is coming out with a special moisturizer that does just that, I was curious to lớn see if it would live up lớn its promise.

The ingredients

A key ingredient in this moisturizer is vitamin C, which is one of the most effective ways lớn brighten skin. Even if you’re not dealing with intense hyperpigmentation or acne scars, using a brightening agent lượt thích vitamin C on a daily basis can give you an even & smoother complexion.There’s also an impressive phối of eight different white flower extracts: freesia, lilium candidum, edelweiss, iris, lotus, daffodil, and white rose. These create an herbal scent and a subtle tone up effect to lớn instantly make your skin look brighter.For those concerned with acne, there’s also a hint of tea tree oil khổng lồ help keep those breakouts under control. Lastly, there’s also vi-ta-min E, another antioxidant besides vi-ta-min C, to deeply hydrate the skin.

How it feels

In terms of consistency, this is far from being a typical moisturizer. It’s thicker than what I’m used tothink somewhere between yogurt & marshmallow fluff. It’s very satisfying lớn scoop it up because it’s so thick và creamy without being heavy and oily. It’s pearly white with tiny sparkles, which you can see only if you look very closely.

Though you might think that this will weigh down on your skin, once you apply it, the consistency lightens a bit and becomes more lượt thích a typical moisturizer. Because it has tone up benefits, I like to dot it first và lightly tap it in instead of rubbing it around. I also work in light layers, instead of putting a large dollop on my skin.

The results

One cảnh báo about my skin type: I have combination skin that’s not particularly acne-prone aside from hormonal breakouts. My main concern is redness around my nose và cheeks, and my forehead and chin tend khổng lồ be dull compared to lớn other parts of my face.

This is how my skin looks with Filter Cream:
As you can see, it has no coverage. But there is a noticeable brightening effect, & not in a way that my face looks ghastly trắng compared khổng lồ my neck. In person, you can see that it leaves me with an iridescent glow and makes me look more awake.

How it looks with makeup

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a primer. Consider it a moisturizer that preps your skin for makeup, similar to how Beauty Water from the same brand preps your skin for makeup by toning và exfoliating your skin. Given that I would likely be using this moisturizer during the daytime, I wanted to lớn put it to lớn the test và see how it changes my skin underneath the same BB cream I always wear. Here’s how my skin normally looks with the BB cream, compared to lớn with one light layer of Filter Cream underneath:

The BB cream I like to wear is the Erborian BB Creme Au Ginseng in Dore, which has a matte velvety finish. I skipped powder in both pictures. As you can see, adding the Filter Cream brightens and adds a natural glow to my face. It’s Photoshop in a jar, no highlighter needed.

Who is it for?

My favorite part about this moisturizer is that it works on all skin types. Of course, if your skin tends khổng lồ be dry, consider layering another moisturizer or serum underneath, just to showroom a bit more hydration. If your skin is oily, you won’t need another moisturizer for the daytime. Here’s how it looks on Renee, our digital nội dung editor, who has a dry skin type and normally wears the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion in No. 21:

And here’s how it looks on Sabrina, the supply chain operations manager, who has an oily skin type & normally wears the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in Golden Beige:
Finally, here’s how it looks on Mickey, our customer experience manager. She has a normal to lớn dry skin type và wears the Erborian CC Creme in Regular:

A couple tips to lớn maximize the benefits:

From testing the Filter Cream every day for a whole week, I picked up a couple tricks that help me get the most out of this moisturizer. The first trick is to địa chỉ another layer on areas where I would normally highlight, lượt thích my C-zone, nose bridge, and the inner corners of my eyes, after I put on BB cream or foundation. Afterwards, I skip the powder just on those areas. This makes my skin even more glowing without turning me into a cyborg. Another thủ thuật is to lớn mix it in with my BB cream. This allows me khổng lồ apply both products at once, saving precious time in the morning, and it leaves me with a more natural finish. This is the perfect weekend daytime look, when I want khổng lồ look fresh & glowing without being too made up.


Bottom Line:

The Son và Park Filter Cream Glow is a versatile moisturizer that helps you kém chất lượng an all-around glow, as if you’ve been sheet masking every day for the past two weeks. It makes your face brighter and more awake. Given that it has no coverage, you can’t expect your skin lớn be flawless with just this product. But if you want your skin lớn look healthy và youthful in an instant, layering this moisturizer underneath your makeup will bởi the trick.

By now, if you’re already a big fan hâm mộ of kbeauty you might have already noticed the Son & Park Beauty Water & Beauty Gel as new arrivals at some of your favorite kbeauty ecommerce sites. The Son và Park Beauty Water is already the beloved Holy Grail sản phẩm for lots of beauty mavens (I love it as well và it won in my Cleansing Water Battle!). The Beauty Gel is less popular because its purpose is not as apparent as its spot-light hogging older sibling. This review will explain its purpose in your beauty routine & how it performs as it claims. Click to lớn read on!


But wait! There’s more! It claims lớn also provide a cooling sensation that will shrink pores down to further aid in the poreless face effect. The gel is formulated with rose-oil và tiny little capsules filled with hydrolyzed collagen. Often mistaken as air bubbles, the capsules ensure that the ingredients remain fresh since they will break open upon application. You can see a cool Son & Park You
Tube here demonstrating all the ways you can smash them open. They tout that there’s also oxygen in there to lớn help refresh the skin, but I’m going khổng lồ bust this claim right now that oxygen being “applied” onto the skin via a cream/gel won’t provide much benefit to lớn the skin. Oxygen via breathing ftw.



Since this essentially a gel moisturizer, it’s a very large size at 330ml. My Missha emulsion is only 130ml to lớn give you a kích thước reference! It towers over my normal bottle so even though it’s $30, you’re getting more product. My Missha emulsion retails normally at $33 (but we all know lớn buy at their 30% or 40% off sale events ;). One pump of the gel is enough to lớn smooth over your entire face since the gel seems lớn melt & get runny with your natural toàn thân temperature. I think this bottle will definitely last me a full year with everyday use (My Missha one will usually last 6 months).


The price is $30 at Soko Glam, $15.89 at Korea
Depart but I bought it at the Peach và Lily sample sale for $20. I didn’t know what this was for và asked an employee for advice. She said it’s supposed to prime your face ready for base makeup và I wasn’t sure if I really needed that but took a risk anyway.

Click to lớn enlarge (will mở cửa in a new tab):


Aside from it having the same texture và smell as anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, it does provide a cooling sensation lớn my skin but there’s no noticeable difference in pore size. It’s definitely hydrated even though I can also smell alcohol in the gel (spolier alert for the Ingredient List). It’s not sticky and provides softness.


Fully absorbed, easy-peasy thanks to all the alcohol.

I’m testing this in the beginning of fall where the weather is not as hot, but not yet bitter cold so it’s been fine for my normal lớn dry skin but I wonder if this will be able lớn stand up to the arctic winds in thành phố new york City’s winter months.


The Son & Park Beauty Gel is supposed khổng lồ make your makeup last longer because of the moisturization and bounce that it will bless your skin with but I don’t know if I would credit how long my makeup has lasted purely khổng lồ the Beauty Gel. My makeup consisted of SPF, bb cream, eyebrow mascara, liquid eyeliner, lip cream, bronzer, blush, and finishing powder to set the makeup. Remember that I also used a serum & had a whole nightly routine that probably aided in giving my skin a healthy tỷ lệ thoát too. The tỷ lệ thoát was still there at the end of a long day where I went out lớn eat twice for both lunch and dinner and didn’t retouch anything. In fact, I would poke my cheeks several times a day like a trampoline because lượt thích wow, I didn’t break my cheek yet.

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After cleansing and applying beauty gel. You can’t see it but face is lightly moisturized.

While it did give a cooling sensation at the point of application, the cooling only lasted for 5 minutes before your trusty body toàn thân temperature normalizes. The cooling sensation didn’t do anything except make me feel more awake because I hate mornings. And coffee without breakfast